by Fallow

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Guerre : Du francique *werra (« querelle »), qui supplanta, en latin populaire, le latin classique bellum (« guerre »), confondu avec l’adjectif bellus (« beau »), devenu très fréquent après avoir lui-même supplanté le classique pulcher (« beau »). Le francique est apparenté au latin versus (« opposé »). Il est apparenté à l’anglais war, l’allemand ver-wirren (« embrouiller »).



released November 11, 2015

Vocals : Thomas Casta
Guitar : Bastien Roblot
Drum : Jérémy Marron
Bass : Sébastien Daux

Mix & Mastering : Anthony Belguise

Cover/lyrics/visual : Thomas Casta



all rights reserved


Fallow Aix En Provence, France

Born in Aix en Provence, slow, heavy and hypnotic metal.

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Track Name: Plague
Fire, Load up, Fire
Forced we were rise up our flag
filled our hands with worms
give you the power of gods
engrave your name in stones
filled up the land with blood
the martyr of folks
this is the march of unknown heroes,
this battle for the grave
Under a black curse we stand
no one get it out alive
Death i’m taking your hand
Blowing lights
old regrets
ring for tombs
hold your sons
the hole is in your arms dig till feel the bone
slip further
find me there
pray for plague
all is regrets
we waiting for our tombs finally get it
I can’t explain, I can’t explain
the waiting of the fools
Live your life
waiting for our dooms
I can explain , I can explain
the death of a friends
Secret lands
Lost you there
Feeding up the angles
bleeding with the rats
she watching over
at the heart of light
We are life
no one ‘ll fight
I will find a hole during the fall
We grind among worms - Crawling down
You never feed me before you
Five loving weapon
and five shiny bullets
Far Away
From this dying season
forgoten sons
we are going nowhere
bleeding sight - Funeral curse
Burning rain - Breathless train
Just a way to be confined
Just a way to love your grave
I can’t explain, I can’t explain
I’m eating with the flies
Secret land - Never came
I can’t complain
I can’t complain
I got nothing on this earth
Live your life
Die for sins
Feeding up the angles with rotten human meat
God hates us all
he’s raping you now
Bring me lights
At the depth of the sea
For glory and pride
At the deep of the tree
I throw back god
I throw back tears
I throw back hate
All hope is gone
Track Name: Ohm
Sirens of death rings away
I’m too empty to feel emotions
Smell of gas enjoy our days
too weak now to hope redemption
Pigs escaping from the farm
find these fingers down in the soil
This is my gift for you disarm
give it to you when we’re down the wall
Pray to fade away
Give my life to the dead
Track Name: Obus
Track Name: Werra
This heavy sky over my head
so now we walk in vain
my eyes are drain of humain soul
now we are on our way
blood of my brothers covering the ground
nothing to repair here
Animals beggin for mercy
I’m sinking in the mud
The storm getting closer
graves are digging there
we put our trust in you
You only put hatred in us
My lungs filled ashed
of your dead family
Raven become kings
We’re haunted by guts
At the heart of the field
where i’m turning into god
feed my eyes with fear
feel the power in my hand
Going through the edge
we walk away
into the ditch
into the hole
where my brothers sleep
we drowning into black water....
Track Name: Werra II
Watch my soul get away
Reach the heart - into fields
Watch my soul get away
What i’ve done is it my hands ? Covered with blood
I just want to sleep
never wake me up
This landscape
where crows wait
Track Name: War à mort
Feel the blood flow in my chest
see the bombs fly away
Just like our days
What they ‘ve done to your heart
this remind me the old days
spring time comes with decay
so far away

burning high
celestial lights up in the sky
I ‘ll break all walls
I ‘ll learn how to cry
I will remove the time
to catch this day
Please come back home
to catch this day

Fire , Load up, Fire